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P is for Perfectionism
By Dr. Aimee Kimball, Mental Training Consultant
Wouldn’t we all like to be perfect and live a Ferris Bueller type of life, Of course we would, but reality makes perfection pretty hard to achieve. I know far too many swimmers who, when they don’t have the perfect race, are extremely hard on themselves. This article will focus on the concept of perfectionism and how to encourage individuals to be OK with being slightly less than perfect.

By Dr. Aimee Kimball, Sport Psychologist//Correspondent

The demands of sprinters are much different than those of distance swimmers, both physically as well as mentally.
Being fast while being relaxed, and swimming strong while not trying too hard are often challenges sprinters face. This article will focus on the mental demands of sprinters and offer some quick tips to be mentally tough.

Mind Training Tips for Swimmers - Sports Psychology Tips for Swimmers
From Craig Townsend, http://www.swimpsychology.com

Some swimming goals can actually create stress, and hence become twice as difficult to achieve. A reader contacted me about how making the cut for National swim meet was her primary goal, but that she could never stop thinking about it and it was driving her crazy.

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